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Track: boyfriend (Remix: Tyga - Rack City)
Artist: Justin Bieber
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so perf omfg

so perf omfg


This is sad , grown man chasing her everywhere she goes , she can´t have that time alone. It must be really annoying to be chased by them, specially that she´s just a teenager. Paparazzi are mean I mean why wouldn´t let a teenage girl have her time? Saying ugly to the prettiest face , I mean common? Give them some respect! 

Every photo of her turn it into something bad , if she´s wearing this, if she´s wearing that . Negative comments everywhere. People can be so judgmental to her and Kendall. Who are you to judge them? Who are you to say horrible things in their instagram/twitter photos? Every comment is something bad. People need to respect them. They´re just teenagers!  

I hope all this comments of people/paparazzi aren´t affecting Kendall and Kylie. They´re such genuine and sweet girls. They´re such down to earth.They just inspire us.  We love you! Never forget it! 


@justinbieber: Break finally

3 years MSG. We are proud of you Justin ♡

3 yearsWe are proud of you Justin